Mohamed Hamaki's Album Tops Spotify Charts

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February 12, 2019

Mohamed Hamaki's latest album "Kol Youm Men Dah," produced by Nogoum Records, has topped Spotify's charts, being among the streaming platform's most played albums, EDM in Arabic and Egyptian songs.

The name-track "Kol Youm Men Dah" was listed on "Global X," which is a list of the world's most popular songs picked by Spotify's administrators.

Nogoum Records released Hamaki's album after three years of production. It's a double-sided album, consisting of 20 songs. The first side includes Yezalzel, Kol Youm Men Dah, Layla, Oyouni Sahrana, Sowar, Wa'mel Eih, Ya Ghorba, Mel Bedaya and Ya Sattar.

The second side includes Oddam El Nas, Kefaya Holoul Wasat, Radeeny, Rasmak Fi Khayali, La Etab Wala Heira, El Hekaya Hekayetna, Aash Min Shafak, Khallina Zay Mahna, Aalo Annek and Khodni Eleik.

Hamaki collaborated with several poets, distributors and composers, including Amir Teima, Ayman Bahgat Kamar, Tamer Hussien, Khaled Tag, Nader Abdallah and Ramy Samir.